About me

Expert for your personality

I am Eva Böllinghaus and an expert in combining your personality and your clothes. I have always liked to help other people, love good design and fashion.

In my childhood, the time flew by when I explored my mother’s wardrobe and played a fashion show with my sister and friends. Trying hairstyles and clothes for hours, slipping into different roles, feeling special – wonderful! I can still remember that very clearly.

This is exactly what the personal styling at Me! is about.
I will help you to show WHO YOU ARE via the way you dress!

Nothing comes closer to us than our clothes – our second skin. It represents us almost 24/7, can make us feel disguised or it can suit us spot on.
Your outfit is  your permanent business card that speaks for itself – always.
Why shouldn’t you use this to your advantage?

With your style consultation at Me! you will receive your personal style recipe and we will make your style and your wardrobe easy!

In such a way that it fits you and your life 100%.

With my qualified training as an identity stylist at Stiftung Warentest-Sieger Imago and my international experience in the fashion metropole London, I can help you to make your personality shine.

Me! helps you

Become confident and quick in your wardrobe choices. Efficiently and enjoyably shop for clothes that you will enjoy for a long time and avoid unnecessary bad buys Show who you are through your clothes, look good and feel relaxed about it To show your essence via the way you dress to the world without a lot of words. Read here how others felt after their personal styling...