Boost yourself

Discover your strong self and find new strength!

There are always times in life when it is good to turn to yourself.

Be it after an illness, a drastic experience or simply because a cautious voice inside you says “New ways would be good for you”

In this coaching we travel inward, discover your qualities and work out together how we incorporate them into your clothing. We strengthen your positive charisma and support your self-esteem.

My Offer for You

Boost Yourself!
  • Power- Colour Consultation for fresh energy
  • Detailed type advice to find your personal style
  • Best cuts for your physique and a good body feeling
  • Two hours wardrobe Detox and Organisation
  • Assortment of three power outfits individually tailored to you

Let's focus on what makes you adorable and does you good

You are the most important person in your life!

Only when you meet yourself with love and care can you be completely yourself, reflect on your being and regain strength – for your life. With the things that are important to you.

People’s life plans are very different and often we women in particular focus on pleasing others, wanting to please and not listening to our inner voice.

In this coaching we discover your strengths, awaken your joie de vivre and make sure that your clothing strengthens you.