Bridal Styling

Your wedding will be unique - just like you two!

You enjoy this special day as a happy couple with your friends and family in your dream ambience. Of course, this also includes exactly the dress or suit in which you look as great as you feel, in which you move in a relaxed manner.

But how are you supposed to find your way through the whole jungle of wedding dresses without losing your nerve?

Dozens of different brands, bridal shops and even more dresses, cuts and fabrics … ivory, pure white or cream? Lace, silk, satin or the three in combination? And then the hair accessories, bags and shoes …

Could you do with some guidance?

With the bridal advice service at Me! Do you take the shortcut to your perfect wedding dress. It saves you a tedious and frustrating search for your dress and a lot of nerves.

Have you already found some ideas for your wedding on the internet and in magazines or do you know exactly what you definitely don’t want?
Great, because your wishes and ideas about your wedding outfit & wedding theme are a good basis for your bridal consultation. In the consultation you sit in peace – very relaxed, maybe with a glass of Prosecco, in front of the mirror and I drape the different fabrics on your upper body. So we can see directly what is just perfect for you 🙂
The magic tool in this step is my special bridal fabric set! With it we first find your perfect white, which makes your skin really shine and make you look fresh.
And also the best material to underline your personality can be found in this magic set made of different fabrics, lace and other materials.

In the next step we put your body in the best light! Together we try out different cutouts, lengths and shapes.

My Offer for You

Bridal Styling
  • Finding the perfect shade of white for you that makes your skin glow and you look fresh
  • Advantageous cutouts and lengths for your physique
  • Best cutouts and lengths for your physique
  • Style inspirations on Pinterest
  • Tips on hair styling, make-up and classy jewellery that suits you perfectly
  • Many tips can also be transferred to your everyday clothing afterwards
  • ca. 2-3 hrs.

The benefits of the Bridal Styling

As a result, after your bridal consultation, you will know exactly which fabric suits you, how to show your figure and which shade of white is perfect for you!

You can also let me put together your own personal Pinterest wall with great clothes, matching jewelry, shoes and accessories.

With this precious knowledge, finding your perfect outfit that will make you look gorgeous will be a no-brainer.