Business Outfit

Business Outfit

Use the magic of the first impression ...

because there is no second chance for a first impression. Our counterpart decides within a few seconds whether he can trust and respect us.

In order to advance your business, it is important, in addition to your competence, how your company is perceived. Your target group will decide within a few seconds whether they feel that they are in good hands with you or not.

The non-verbal communication about your appearance, the design of your online presence, your business logo and your premises play an inestimable role. Use the magic of the first impression …


My Offer for You

Business Outfit
  • Determination of your best colours for clothes & accessoires
  • Style Consultation for the beste materials ans patterns
  • Definition of your personal image and your business outfit
  • Matching accessoires like briefcase, writing tools, watch
  • Duration: appr. 6 hrs. in two appointments

A look that matches you a 100%

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