Finding Mr. & Mrs. Right

We make you radiate for the right one…

I am firmly convinced that you can only find the right partner if you appear authentically and also show who you are through your clothes.

Because our exterior is what we perceive in a split second and unconsciously derive our image from it.

There is very little point in sticking to standard dating recommendations and dress codes.

Authentic styling is your calling card and saves you time-consuming meetings and disappointments with fake princes / princesses.

With this coaching we strengthen your individual positive charisma and put your figure in the limelight!


My Offer for You

Finding Mr. Right & Mrs. Right
  • Colour Consultation for a fresh look
  • Detailed Style Consultation to find your personal style out of 60 style types
  • Best cuts for your physique
  • 90 minutes Wardobe Check for type-specific looks
  • 90 minutes Styling for a photo shoot
  • The best preparation for (online) dating- no matter how old you are

Emphasize your true personality and attract the right one!