Personal Branding & Image

Personal Branding & Image Consultation for Founders and Self-Employed

So your ideal customers find you faster...

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In order to promote your business, it is important not only your competence but also how your company is perceived. Within a few seconds, your target group decides whether they feel they are in good hands with you or not.

Non-verbal communication through your appearance, the design of your online presence, your business logo and your premises plays an invaluable role.

My Offer for You

Personal Branding & Image Consultation
  • Determining the right colours for company logo & website
  • Ideal design language for your logo, other design elements and fonts
  • Clear recommendations for your interior and business furnishings in terms of colours, materials, patterns and structures
  • Essential information and practical help for a coherent corporate identity
  • Duration: approx.4-5 hrs.

Personal Branding works

The image consulting for self-employed and founders includes the development of your brand. It helps you to capture the essence of your brand and company philosophy and to present your business image coherently and correctly to the outside world. 

We focus on important elements of form, colour and material language. You can optimally use these findings for a well-functioning logo, an appealing website, fonts and stylish furnishing of your business premises.

A coherent branding runs through all components of your company and thus becomes first and foremost credible for your customers.

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