Quick Colour Consultation

Have you ever wondered…

For your best results I have been working since 2011 according to the Stiftung Warentest method from Imago, which no longer uses the outdated four season colour system system, but rather knows  more than 26 different colour types and their combinations.

My Offer for You

Quick-Colour Consultation
  •  A quick approach to your best colours for the smaller budget
  • Quick-Test with Mini Colours Swatches
  • Best colors for clothes, glasses, hair and accessories
  • Custom-made mini colour passport
  • Duration: approx. 1 hour

We dive into your world of colours....

Together with my quick colour test, we will find out which tones make you glow from the inside.
My focus is on the following points, among others:

Brightness: light or dark
Intensity: delicate or vibrant
Temperature: warm or cold
Gray value: powdery or fresh
Chromatic value: monochrome or colourful

What are the advantages of the Quick Colour Consultation?